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Trading Strategies 101

14 β€œmust-try” trading strategies you can start using today: 🧡

Collaborated with @niki_poojary

We’ll break these into portions of:

  1. Intraday Trading Techniques
  2. Positional Trading Techniques
  3. Indicator Applications

1/ 6 Intraday Strategies 🧡

How to Filter Stocks for Intraday Traders.🧡

2/ Intraday BNF strangle based on OI data. 🧡

3/ A few setups to make intraday trading easy. 🧡

4/ NR21-Vwap Strategy. 🧡

5/ ORB breakout. 🧡

6/ Gap up/Gap down Intraday in Fno Stocks. 🧡

7/ Four Positional Strategies begin now:

STBT option Selling. 🧡

8/ Reversal Future Trading. 🧡

9/ How to find out expected targets. 🧡

10/ Thread on Short Straddle with Adjustments. 🧡

11/ Four indicators-based strategies

🧡Superb Thread on RSI

  1. Uses of RSI.
  2. Investment strategy based on RSI.

12/ 🧡 Uses of CPR. Can be used for intraday trading.

13/ 🧡 Uses of MACD indicator.

14/ 🧡 on β€œUses of Relative Strength.”

That’s it!

These were the must-use 14 trading strategies I thought deserved to be shared.

Go through them and learn.

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