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Here are 16 Free & powerful Scanners for Traders.


  1. NR7 breakout scanner - NR7 is a great concept using which you can identify the potential breakout candidates. For details on NR& concept refer to this thread - Here’s the scanner -

  2. Volume & price shockers - This scans the stocks that have seen a sudden rise in their volume by over 2x times the average volume of last 10 days and have gained or lost more than 5% today. Great candidate for breakout / breakdown.

  3. 15 min breakouts - These stocks have shown a rise in both prices as well as volume in the last 15 min. High chances that they will continue the rally forward.

  4. Engulfing Candle scan - This scans the stocks which are in extended up/down trend & have formed Engulfing candle now. They are a great candidate to take reversal trades.

Bullish engulfing - Bearish engulfing -

  1. Opening Range Breakout - when a stock breaks the range formed in the first 15 min, there are very good chances that it will continue the move in that direction.

This scanner shows results for ORB on both up & down sides.

  1. Sudden volume spike scan - This scanner gives the stock where the volume of the latest 5-minute is more than 10 times the average of the last 100 five-minute candles. A great candidate for a breakout trade.

  1. Open High/Low - This scans the stock which doesn’t touch back the opening price through the day can be a good candidate to ride the trend.

Bearish OH - Bullish OL -

  1. Cup & handle pattern stocks - These stocks have shown Cup & Handle pattern in daily TF. High chances that they can go higher.

  2. 52 Week breakout - Stocks that are breaking 52 weeks high/low are expected to go further in that direction. Scanners a) 52-week high - b) 52-week low -

  3. FSC setup scan - Already discussed about it in detail here - Here are the scanners - 5 Min Bullish FSC - 5 Min Bearish FSC

  4. BTST Setup - Stocks rising higher with increasing volumes for the past 3 candles on a 15-minute chart. Indicating fresh buying which hinting further upside. Can be looked upon for BTST long trades if other factors are favorable.

Those were the 11 Scanners, 5 more scanners are remaining which I will send you in your DM once you Follow me @CnceptualTrader AND Retweet the First Tweet of this thread below. [Tweet] Thank you.

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