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10 open source indicators & strategies.

Coded by traders & investors from around the world.

You have to try these ⤵⤵⤵

The Risk-Reward Trading Framework

This script showcases Risk & Reward concepts by providing the most popular components of position tracking, backtesting, and useful info about your own risk management.

Coded by carnagecain:

The Breakout Probability Script

Calculate the probability of a new high or low and display it as a level perfectly on your chart.

Coded by Zeiierman:

Chart VWAP!

This indicator displays a ​Volume-Weighted Average Price anchored to the leftmost visible bar of the chart. It dynamically recalculates when the chart’s visible bars change as you scroll or zoom.

Coded by us 🤗

Multiple Frequency Volatility Correlation

This indicator provides insight into the correlation between volume and price volatility.

Coded by RicardoSantos:

The Andean Oscillator

The indicator aims to measure the degree of variations between individual uptrends and downtrends, highlighting the amplitude of a current trend.

Coded by alexgrover:

The Bjorgum Double Tap

This script is a pattern recognition system aimed at detecting Double Tops and Double Bottoms.

Coded by bjorgum:

Relative Bandwidth Filter

This script tries to identify the area of low and high volatility based on comparison between Bandwidth of higher length and ATR of lower length.

Coded by HeWhoMustNotBeNamed

Fourier Extrapolator of Price

This indicator uses the Quinn-Fernandes algorithm to find harmonic frequencies.

Coded by loxx:

Ichimoku Kinkō hyō 目均衡表

More features added to the work of Goichi Hosoda. This script offers an advanced number of options for seasoned traders, but also beginners with the ability to simplify Ichimoku.

Coded by RickSimpson:

Point of Control V2

This script now exists as both a library and indicator. It adds more tools to Point of Control making it customizable for all traders.

Coded by JohnBaron:

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