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How to be 5x more productive.

A best-selling author’s 3-3-3 Method:

Oliver Burkeman is the best-selling author of “Four Thousand Weeks.”

Recently, he shared his 3-3-3 Method for a productive day.

How do YOU define a productive day?

Until you define it, you’ll never feel like you’re doing enough.

Make 3-3-3 your yardstick:

The First 3

Spend 3 hours of deep work on your most important project.


3-4 hrs of focused work is our cognitive limit.

For best results, complete during your highest state of energy (flow = 500% more effective).

Define a specific progress goal.

Block out distractions.

The Second 3

Execute 3 shorter tasks.


These are urgent to-dos.

Often, they’re “sticky note” items you may be avoiding (some take only a few mins).

Examples: • Managing: delegating, providing feedback • Calls, meetings • Smaller work tasks

The Third 3

Complete 3 “maintenance activities.”


These are items that make your life go smoothly.

Schedule time for maintenance (don’t cram elsewhere).

Examples: • Cleaning (laundry, dishes, etc.) • Self-Improvement: exercising, journaling

In summary, 3-3-3 Method:

• 3 hours on your most important project • 3 shorter tasks • 3 maintenance activities

Defining a “productive day” like 3-3-3 is crucial.

Or else you’ll never be at peace (even with excellent output).

That’s Oliver Burkeman’s 3-3-3 Method for a productive day.

Who’s in?

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