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There are so many tools related to trading.

But very few provide any real value.

Here are 7 of the most valuable FREE Tools you’re not using (but should be): 🧵

Collaborated with @niki_poojary

@niki_poojary 1/ Opstra by @Definedge:

  • Best Strategy Builder
  • Options Portfolio feature to track and analyze trades

I use this extensively whether it is to check the returns of a strategy or its breakevens.

Go to tool for traders, number 1 on my list.


@niki_poojary @Definedge 2/ @tradingview

Easily the best charting platform.

Haven’t opened a single broker’s chart since then.

Multiple hacks to get its premium features for free in the thread below.

Let’s dive in ↓


@niki_poojary @Definedge @tradingview 3/ @ZerodhaVarsity

Collection of stock market and financial lessons.

The value is worth more than 50k minimum.

Can increase knowledge on just about everything in trading including:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamentals
  • Options Strategies
  • Futures


@niki_poojary @Definedge @tradingview @ZerodhaVarsity 4/ Chartink by @ChartinkConnect

Best screener website.

Free scanners are available to use during live markets.

Can also check charts with different indicators.


@niki_poojary @Definedge @tradingview @ZerodhaVarsity @ChartinkConnect 5/ @Investingcom

This is what traders use to determine and check upcoming events in the global markets or about particular stocks.

It was once the number 1 most used website for traders, but its popularity has slowly decreased.

Still pretty useful.


@niki_poojary @Definedge @tradingview @ZerodhaVarsity @ChartinkConnect @Investingcom 6/ @BeSensibull

Allows you to log in from your broking account into sensibull.

Then can check your position’s payoff for free.

The biggest competitor for opstra but Sensibull is number #2 for me in that race.


@niki_poojary @Definedge @tradingview @ZerodhaVarsity @ChartinkConnect @Investingcom @BeSensibull 7/ @quantsapp

Tracks data like:

  • Futures Built-up
  • Option chain
  • Overall market breadth
  • Options data


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