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Some FAQ’s

  1. I got into StockX and it went down, Now I am in huge loss what to do

From next trade onwards have a pre-plan of when u r going to get in & get out. Follow it as of ur life depends on it.


Present trade where you are facing losses, is a complete mess, You can do whatever you feel like with this one


  1. I lost X lacs in the past Y months, Now I am left with only 20% of my capital

I am sorry to hear about your situation. You should stop trading immediately. The harsh truth is that the harder you try to recover your money, The more you might loose.


Please go back to the drawing board & learn about trading, Till then protect ur money & possibly grow it via Debt/ Balanced Funds

Also as a very basic Risk Mgmt rule, Nvr risk more than 2% of your cap in a trade. If you do so, It would take a miracle for u to be down by 80%


  1. How much capital is good for me to start trading ?

As such, There is no defined min. Cap you need for getting into trading

But there definitely is some minimum threshold in terms of knowledge which you need to cross. Plan your trades & know abt leverage, Risks involved


  1. How much can I earn by selling options, Is it safe ?

Options Selling is for professionals, Part-timer’s please stay away from it. Also be aware of the basics of options & Risks involved before venturing into selling OTM options, Its not as easy as it’s made out to be


  1. How can I join your Workshop/Webinar/Course ?

I haven’t been active in the Webinar/Workshop scene for a while now, If and when I plan something would update here

Meanwhile, You can check some of the Videos that I have made, To get a sense of how I trade


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