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1. Common question to me every time from new comers. How to learn TA. Concentrate only on support, resistance, breakout and volume. Google it. You will get it. Normally supply and demand is giving move in slow motion. Useful for players with low capital.

  1. Supply and demand theory need patience to hold your position. Can move slowly. That’s why useful for low capital.

Demand is near support sms supply near resistance. One can buy near support and sell near resistance.

Just keep 1% SL below swing low and above swing high.

3. Breakout with volume is powerful for big move. It can give you instant result within a week with big move and you can play with big qty as conviction is high in such trades. Always keep big volume breakout candle day high SL for short position and candle low for buy position.

4. Based on SL keep your position size in such a way that if SL hit you can lose more than 1% of your trading capital. Later if move is in your favour and change in SL do pyramiding to gain more. Keep running your winning position unless trail SL hit.

That’s all.

One can book partial position as per their satisfaction.

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