📉 Bearish chart patterns

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I am studying trading equity as second income. There are advantages and disadvantages of considering trading as earning source. However if one studies the chart properly its reasonabaly good for earning.

There are various indicators, chart patterns & candle patterns which can be used to understand overall trend of market, once you are good in understanding the trend you are good to enter trade as investor or trader.

Investments are the trades which are taken in long term view where normally Monthly/Weekly timeframe is studied. Shorter time period trades are considered as Positional, Swing or intraday trades based on the timeframes chosen.

One should choose best fitted time frame for themselves by trading with low account size and quantity.

To understand the down trend bearish chart patterns are used, there are lot knowledge available everywhere on internet, but I am sharing the few which I use usually and found it easier and successsful to trade. These are not designed or create by me, but I am sharing it from one of the telegram channel 📉 Techno_charts

Bearish Harmionic Patterns
Bearish Harmionic Patterns

I think these pattersn are easily recognizable and useful for trading on any timeframe. let me know if you are using any other pattersn for trading on my 🐦 twitter account.